"Dancing is about connections … to our friends, to our families, to our neighbors. It is one of the most expressive ways we celebrate and communicate our cultures and communities. With Dancing Classrooms, we are able to reach children in existing classroom settings and address fundamental issues of mutual respect and self-esteem – issues that social dance puts into practice. We hope to inspire children through dance to do well, to respect one another, to be proud. This program is about more than dance, it is about teaching children to take a bow.”        - Pierre Dulaine & Yvonne Marceau


Dancing Classrooms Teaching Artists work with school teachers to ensure that the students connect their ballroom dancing experience with art, music, history, language arts and physical education. This curriculum integration produces some wonderful works of art, poetry, and thoughtful reflection from the children.

"You have brought something new into my life....thank you.  You taught me how to care." - JW

"How I felt on the first day of Ballroom Dancing was that I felt success and proud...I love ballroom dancing." - DM

"My feelings have really changed because at first when I saw professionals I never knew I could do that but now I know that anything is possible and I could do anything I put  my mind to." - TG 

With You
One on one,

Side by side

Hand in hand,

Swaying me and you,

On the dance floor,

So graceful indeed,

Something makes me smile,

Like a little child,

The way we move together so beautiful

Your eyes flicker in the moon light,

It seems so right,

To dance with you not another,

All night.
- - Monique, 8th grade student

Salsa is a different dance then others we learn,

It is unique because of the multiple turns.

Salsa is my favorite because we switch partners to dance,

I'm glad we change partners and not our pants.

The Salsa steps are quick, quick, slow

You shake your hips but don't go too low.

Salsa is the dance with much hips and no dips

But this Salsa doesn't need Tortilla chips.
- - Zach, 8th grade student

Dance is...
Letting go of your fears;

And learning to trust others;

Trying something new and different;

Trying new dances and working with others;

Letting go of the old me and bringing in the new me;

Dances like Foxtrot, Rumba and Merengue are my favorites;

It helps me clear my mind with all the bad things I know;

And think about the good things.

Trying to understand what is good around me.

Dancing is all around me.
- -Latasha, 5th grader student

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Different Dances Changed My Mind

Oh Boy! This is going to be boring was the first thing that came to my mind. But wow! The dance class is great and getting closer to my classmates is icing on the cake. Boring never comes to my mind anymore, and watching the gentlemen shake their hips is something to adore. I would have never listened to the music we hear in class, but dancing to the beat makes the time pass much to fast. I wish we had dance class every day, but the performance in the end will be our last day, sorry to say. It is not so hard learning the steps and loving ballroom dance is now the best. I now have confidence that I can do anything I put my mind to, no more giving up for me, I will just do what I need to do. I look forward to the freestyle and dancing with Ms. Jen. Watching her dance to our music just lets me know that she deserves a TEN! -Dereona, 5th grade student.

"When I found out I would be taking a dance class I was very upset! I really didn't like the thought of me dancing with all the eighth grade boys. I just really didn't want to waste my time doing these dances. I'm glad I got the opportunity to take this class even though in the beginning I really didn't want to. This class has turned out to be a great deal of fun. I'm very excited every time dance class rolls around. I don't know about everyone else, but Dancing Classrooms has been a wonderful experience for me!" -DM, 8th grade student

"When I found out that I was going to take dance class I felt disappointed because I thought it was going to be boring. I thought people would try to call me silly because I know how to do it. I was excited about doing it because it turned out to be lots of fun. No, I wan't positive until my Mom told me I would like it. I feel happy knowing that I can probably be a professional dancer."
- -AP, 8th grade student

" Next year you might be in ballroom dancing. You will have to listen. You have to put your differences to the side to dance. You never judge a book by its cover!! My enemies became my best friends that is, you never judge someone else. That is so judgemental and no one needs those comments. I had to dance with the whole class and we got along so well and I know you can too. Respect is the key word of dancing, if you don't like somebody, oh well! So what does repsect have to do with ballroom dacing?? EVERYTHING!" - -Arin, 5th grade student

Now I am going to tell you how I felt when I found out I was taking ballroom dancing. I was excited and nervous at the same time I was thinking to myself, "I am so nervous, I am going to mess up." My teacher and classmates are very excited about ballroom dancing. Every day when I have had ballroom dancing I would show my mom and grandparents. They are very proud of my and I am proud of myself! I am really doing good and I am really showing that I am a star and I am very good. - - Alexis, 5th grade student

Letter to the principal

"Today I am here to thank you for the wonderful opportunity of allowing the 8th grade to participate in ballroom dancing. This experience was not just about learning to dance. Rather it was allowing young adults to find new confidence in themselves. In this whole experience I have noticed myself become more confident not only with my dancing skills but with the way I carry myself. I no loner drag myself out of bed every morning, instead I wake up with a smile on my face excited to start a new day. I know that not many students get to experience this so I have learned to make the best of it. Thanks again.
- - Your Student, Imani " - 8th grade student

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