"Dancing is about connections … to our friends, to our families, to our neighbors. It is one of the most expressive ways we celebrate and communicate our cultures and communities. With Dancing Classrooms, we are able to reach children in existing classroom settings and address fundamental issues of mutual respect and self-esteem – issues that social dance puts into practice. We hope to inspire children through dance to do well, to respect one another, to be proud. This program is about more than dance, it is about teaching children to take a bow.”        - Pierre Dulaine & Yvonne Marceau

Student Spotlight: Poems

With You
One on one,

Side by side

Hand in hand,

Swaying me and you,

On the dance floor,

So graceful indeed,

Something makes me smile,

Like a little child,

The way we move together so beautiful

Your eyes flicker in the moon light,

It seems so right,

To dance with you not another,

All night.
- - Monique, 8th grade student

Salsa is a different dance then others we learn,

It is unique because of the multiple turns.

Salsa is my favorite because we switch partners to dance,

I'm glad we change partners and not our pants.

The Salsa steps are quick, quick, slow

You shake your hips but don't go too low.

Salsa is the dance with much hips and no dips

But this Salsa doesn't need Tortilla chips.
- - Zach, 8th grade student

I put on my shoes
getting ready to dance

I walk past a mirror

and give myself a quick glance

We all look so graceful

like we're floating on air

We move across the dance floor

each of us in a pair

Thank you Miss Jo Jo

for teaching us how

now it's your turn

so please take a bow
- - Kaylee, 8th grade student

Dance is...
Letting go of your fears;

And learning to trust others;

Trying something new and different;

Trying new dances and working with others;

Letting go of the old me and bringing in the new me;

Dances like Foxtrot, Rumba and Merengue are my favorites;

It helps me clear my mind with all the bad things I know;

And think about the good things.

Trying to understand what is good around me.

Dancing is all around me.
- -Latasha, 5th grader student